DiaRelieve 10 Sachets 3.25g

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DiaRelieve 10 Sachets 3.25g

DiaRelieve® absorbs water to help improve stool consistency and provide symptomatic relief of diarrhoea.

• DiaRelieve® contains a natural clay (diosmectite) with a high surface area.
• DiaRelieve® works by the adhesion of water molecules to the surface of the diosmectite.
• Diosmectite can absorb up to 8 times its own weight in water.
• DiaRelieve is not absorbed into the intestine.
• Suitable for the whole family, from children (> 1 year) through to adults.
• DiaRelieve® is clinically proven.
• DiaRelieve® has an orange flavour.

Common Use

For effective relief of Diarrhoea. 


ADULTS AND CHILDREN 6 YEARS+: 1 sachet up to 3 times per day. Add the contents of each sachet to 100 mL of
water or other liquid and mix well.

CHILDREN 1–5 YEARS: 1–2 sachets per day. 
The sachet contents can be mixed in a bottle feeder with 50 mL of water or other liquid and divided into 2–3
doses throughout the day, as appropriate. Shake well before each use.

It is recommended that you take DiaRelieve® between meals, and the treatment of diarrhoea should be accompanied by
oral rehydration therapy to help avoid dehydration.


One 3.25g sachet of DiaRelieve® contains Diosmectite 3g.

Also contains: Orange flavour, citric acid, silicon dioxide, acesulfame K, sucralose. Suitable for adults and children. 


Keep out of reach of children. 

Do not use for more than 3 consecutive days. If symptoms persist, you should consult your healthcare professional. For full information please read the enclosed product information leaflet.


Store at or below 25°C in a cool, dry place.


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